BIDCO Projects

September 2013
ROV Inspection Scopes for BRITISH GAS (BGTT)
BIDCO LTD completes ROV Inspection Scopes for BGTT on various platforms - POINSETTA, DOLPHIN, HIBISCUS <a href=>cartier replica watches uk</a>
September 2013
Provision of Welding Services to OCEANEERING INTERNATIONAL, INC
BIDCO LTD facilitates the <a href=>cheap replica cartier watches</a> WINCH change-out for Oceaneering Intl, Inc (OII) on board the OCEAN LEXINGTON. Project completed within tight time-frame and without incidents.
April 2013
Provision of Welding Services to OCEANEERING INTERNATIONAL, INC
BIDCO LTD provides fabrication and welding services as required for OCEANEERING INTL INC (OII) on board the Ocean Lexington.
September 2012
BIDCO LTD works with Oceaneering International Inc. (OII) to perform BHP Billiton's Calm Buoy Hose Change <a href=>Replica Watches uk</a> Out using the DPDSV "OCEAN PATRIOT." The job is a success with over 10,000 safe man hours worked <a href=>fake cartier watch</a> incident-free!
June 2012
Provision of Coating Inspectors to SNC-LAVALIN
BIDCO LTD provides SNC-LAVALIN with Certified Welding Inspectors (CWIs) and NACE-Certified Coating Inspectors for the <a href=>cheap replica watches</a> PDVASA 36" DRAGON Pipeline Project.<a href=></a>
September 2011
Provision of SME to CHEVRON Resources
Provision of SME (Subject Matter Expert) in Diving and <a href=>omega replica watches</a> ROV Subsea Installation field for the CHEVRON/ BGTT DOLPHIN Conductor Clamp Installations
July 2011
CAD Design
BIDCO LTD was awarded an extension for a BPTT CAD Designer and Animator to assist them with deepwater subsea field development of the <a href=>omega replica watches</a> upcoming JUNIPER project.
April 2011
ROV Inspections
BIDCO LTD awarded and <a href=>replica watches uk</a> completed ROV detailed inspections of EOG's Ibis check valve and manifold system with its in country LWC ROV system complete with TMS.
April 2011
Completed SAR
BIDCO LTD awarded and completed SAR of an installation aid for <a href=>rolex replica watches uk</a> EOG Resources in 275' of water with its LWC ROV system operating from <a href=>best replica watch</a> BIDCO LTD's DPDSV vessel.
February 2011
Clamp Repair on EOG Resources TOUCAN Platform
BIDCO LTD is awarded clamp repair scopes of work on EOG Resources Ltd's TOUCAN Platform. BIDCO LTD commissions the <a href=>tag heuer replica watches</a> vessel HARVEY DISCOVERY for this scope and increases their local content hiring to a total of <a href=>swiss replica watches</a> 15 Trinidadian personnel.
October 2010
ROV Inspection on BPTT's SERRETTE Platform
BIDCO LTD is awarded ROV Scopes of work on the SERRETTE Platform for BPTT. BIDCO LTD brings in the POLARBJORN and <a href=>replica breitling uk</a> Lynx LWC ROV and successfully completes job within one month. BIDCO Ltd is an IMCA ROV Contractor and starts its ROV program with more than 50% local content in the <a href=>cheap replica watches uk</a> ROV department.
October 2010
Provision of CWI's to EOG Resources
BIDCO LTD opens operations in Trinidad & Tobago and provides EOG Resrouces with Certified Welding Inspectors and <a href=>replica breitling watches</a> NACE Coating Inspectors - working onboard the HELIX CAESAR.